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Elevate your game with ClubUp.

Playing with a ClubUp caddie improves the golf experience in a number of ways. You can engage with your whole group and not just with who’s riding in your cart. You see the course in a new light and gain the health benefits of walking, without the burden of shouldering your bag. You can play the game at the pace and rhythm that brings out your best golf.

Booking a caddie is easy with ClupUp. Log in, enter the date and time of your next round, choose your service and wait for a caddie to claim your round. All caddies in the area are immediately alerted there is an available bag. The caddie who claims the request meets you at the club 30 minutes before the appointed time and performs the service selected.

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ClubUp Golfer

ClubUp offers several services at varying price levels.

No matter which you choose, you're able to walk your favorite courses while an experienced caddie takes care of your clubs, raking bunkers and keeping important statistics about your round.

  • ClubUp Caddie — Traditional


    Single Bag — $55 / Double Bag — $100 ($50/bag)

    A ClubUp traditional caddie is a full-service caddie who carries your golf bag and completes the standard jobs associated with caddying. When taking a single bag caddie, your key golf statistics will also be tracked. (A caddie carrying two bags does not take statistics for the golfers.)

  • ClubUp Caddie — Forecaddie



    A ClubUp forecaddie does not carry golf clubs but does complete all other standard jobs associated with caddying for everyone in the group. (A ClubUp forecaddie does not take statistics for the group.)

  • ClubUp Caddie — Valet



    A ClubUp valet has the job of driving the golf cart and taking the key golf statistics of each member in the group. The valet will not leave the golf cart and is not responsible for standard jobs associated with caddying. If there are more than two members in the group, a four-bag device will be attached to the golf cart by the ClubUp valet.

  • ClubUp Caddie — Valet+



    ClubUp valet+ is a unique service that provides two caddies working as a team. One team member drives the cart and takes golfer key statistics, while the other acts as a forecaddie, performing the standard jobs associated with caddying. This approach results in a low-cost, full-service caddie experience for the entire group.

“The experience with my ClubUp caddie, Mylon, was a win/win. During the first time on my bag, I got a partner who was well trained, motivated and anticipated my needs. I also like to think I helped a young man improve his work ethic. And he's already better at reading putts than I am!“