ClubUp caddies earn, learn and have fun.

ClubUp Caddies gain exposure to golf at some of the finest golf clubs in their communities. The interaction with golfers at our partner clubs helps our caddies develop important social skills and relationships that will be valuable in their future.  ClubUp Caddies also earn very competitive pay and can work whenever makes sense for their schedule. ClubUp does not schedule any caddie jobs, our caddies make their own schedule and there are no work requirements to be part of the ClubUp Caddie Network.  Ready for the best job you’ve ever had?

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ClubUp is looking for mature, responsible young people interested in more than just another job. ClubUp Caddies offer a few services:

  • Traditional Caddie – Carry your golfer’s bag and handle typical caddie responsibilities
  • Forecaddie – Complete traditional caddie services for the group while not carrying any golf bags
  • Valet – Drive the golf cart for the group while also obtaining yardages for the golfers

Our caddies, on average, earn more than $10/hour. Sign up now, and start the application process

ClubUp technology is designed to attract young, enthusiastic students back to the caddying. Allowing for flexible work schedules and immediate payment, the ClubUp Caddie App allows for caddies to operate their caddie employment the same way they operate everything else.